Finding God’s presence when all seems lost sounds like a tall order. Especially during times when your own personal wilderness can feel too overwhelming to believe you will ever find the way out. 

  This is the story of a woman who faced her wilderness with the kind of courage that grows stronger instead of weaker. One who called out to the Lord in her day of trouble… and got answers. In her own words she not only tells the truth of her long journey and the heartbreak of devastation where a normal life should have been, but the secrets of how she survived it, as well.

  Come along with Carol as she shares the many treasures she found along the way and exactly how you can make them your own. We all find ourselves in difficult places at some time in our lives. The secrets she talks about in these pages are what she believes made all the difference.

  You may never look at your own wilderness in quite the same way, again.

Paperback copy.

Through the Wilderness

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