Book 1 Sassy Pants Learns the Hard Way

When Farmer White brings a little runty pig home for his children to raise, she begins to think she's a people, not a pig! So, when it's time to return to the pig pen, Sassy Pants is determined to get back into the Big House... one way or the other! ​ Chapter One SASSY PANTS ​ 

 To anyone walking by, Sassy Pants was an ordinary pig. She rooted with her snout and rolled in the mud. She smacked as she ate smelly things from the trough—pig soup, Farmer White called it. He poured whey or soured milk from the creamery in a big barrel, added three-days-old potato and carrot peelings, table scraps (that Mrs. White saved for a week), rotten cabbage, and onions that died in the cellar before spring.    It even had old corn covered with mildew, and leftover oats. Then he stirred it all up and poured it in the trough. Farmer White’s “soup” is the most favorite food in the pigpen. These days, Sassy Pants smacks it down like all the other pigs. But it was not always that way. She did not start out an ordinary pig.    If you were to ask Mrs. White, the farmer’s wife, she would tell you Sassy Pants was no ordinary pig! She was trouble! She was so much trouble that Mrs. White wanted to shorten her tail—right up next to her ears! Mrs. White had her reasons.    It all began when Sassy Pants was a little oinker. She had a sandy patch of hair on top of her head—was smallish in size—and had a pink curly tail. She was the smallest in a litter of nineteen piglets. Being the smallest of the lot, she had a difficult time getting enough to eat.    The problem was that Mrs. Pig had nineteen piggies but only eighteen place settings! There was not enough to go around. The larger piglets hogged it all and pushed little Sassy Pants into a corner. But Sassy Pants did not take that lying down. No siree! She squealed; she pushed, and she shoved. She even climbed on top of the others to steal their plates. She made a ruckus! She was determined to get what was hers. At least what she thought was hers.    Farmer White heard the noise in the pig barn and came right over. Immediately he saw what the problem was. Scooping up the hungry little pig, he brought her to the house for Mrs. White to feed.

That's when all the trouble started.

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