Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be located in a certain country to participate?

No. You can be anywhere you want. You will receive all the tools you need to access your virtual classes and interact smoothly with your teams, mentors and thought leaders.

What type of assistance can I expect?

Teams will benefit from a continuous assistance by the LHoFT and CFTE teams. You will also receive the necessary reading material and program schedule to organize yourself with you team and optimise your learning experience.

Will I form my team or will I be assigned to one?

Both LHoFT & CFTE teams will allocate you to a team based on your expertise, track record and points of interest. You can expect your team to be very diverse and competitive.

How much time are participants expected to dedicate to the program?

We recommend each participant to dedicate between 16 and 32 hours to the program. The higher the number of hours allocated to the project work, the better the project outcome.

What deliverable is expected from me?

You will receive a official certificate of achievement by LHoFT & CFTE and become part of an exclusive network.